Luxurious Security for Sensual Pleasure.

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Empower & Protect.

Providing both a product and  knowledge in support of sexual health and happiness.


Luxurity panties are the first functional lingerie garment of their kind that simultaneously support sexual expression and sexual health of all individuals when engaging in oral sex. Perspectives on sexuality and gender equality are shifting in our society and there isn't a better time for women to proactively take control of their pleasure. Sexy, subtle, convenient, and affordable, Luxurity’s have you covered when and where you need it most.

  • Empowering women to take control of their sexual health

  • FDA-approved material

  • Innovative design that shows safe can be sexy

  • Can increase sexual pleasure during oral sex

  • Saving lives- may decrease the rate of sexually transmitted infections (STI)

  • Patent Pending

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"We tried Luxurity’s and couldn’t be more satisfied. Well, she couldn’t be more satisfied. We recommend it to everyone!”


“I love the freedom that comes with Luxurity panties. I know what I like and I like that my partner and I can enjoy without worry.”


      "Comfortable and cute. Thank you for prioritizing both women's pleasure and safety for all!"


"We believe that safe can be sexy for everyone."

-StartUp Ladies Blog: Read the Full Story Here



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Proudly located in Indianapolis, Indiana, Luxe Ventures is on a mission to reach as many people as possible worldwide and we want to hear your feedback! All comments are welcome, so please don't hesitate to contact us at any time. We can be reached:

Via email at or by calling 765-427-6937.

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